Occasionally I am asked straight out what the value of a financial advisor is, and why they should be paying for the advice.  It’s not an unreasonable question given the experiences of some, especially those who had a product sold to them or where fees are still being collected from an investment product despite a […]

Have you ever looked back and remembered what your parents or grandparents were like at your age? While we might not have noticed it while it was happening, we humans are slowly evolving and changing. We just have to look back at our parents or grandparents and what their ‘retirement’ looked like to see how […]

The general consensus is that global interest rates are going to start declining this year, after a longer-than-expected run of higher interest rates. Those interest rates started rising when central banks, especially in the US, woke up to the fact that inflation was not ‘transient’ after all and was, in fact, getting out of control. […]

Retirement revisited One of the conundrums of modern life is that we live longer due to better lifestyles, medical advancements etc. This is almost universally celebrated – we all enjoy the prospect of being around to see our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren grow up and be around for their milestones. There can be no […]